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Synthesis of 1-(substituted thioanilido)-8-keto--3-substituted benzopyridazines as possible cardiovascular agents.

Author(s): B Chaturvedi, N Tiwari, Nizamuddin
Chemistry Dept., University of Gorakhpur, Gorakhpur-273 009,

Correspondence Address:
B Chaturvedi Chemistry Dept., University of Gorakhpur, Gorakhpur-273 009

Several 1-(substituted thioanilido)-8-Keto-3-substituted benzopyridazines (III) were readily synthesized by cyclodehydration of corresponding 4-aryl thiosemicarbazones (II) which were prepared by condensation of either 2-carboxy benzaldehyde or 2-carboxy benzophenones with 4-aryl thiosemicarbazides. Twenty-one such compounds have been tested for general pharmacological properties on cardiovascular system in guinea-pigs. These compounds were found to have positive inotropic activity in vitro.


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