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Synthesis Of 2-Substituted Quinazolin-4 (3H)-Ones As A New Class Of Anticancer Agents

Author(s): V Murugan, Caroline C Thomas, G.V.S Rama Sarma, E.P Kumar, B Suresh

Anticancer and cytotoxic activities of four title compounds were determined. Among the compounds tested, 6,8-dibromo-2-[2-(styryl)]-4-quinazoline-3-(4-benzhydrazides), (Illb) and 6,8- dibromo-2-[(phenylbutadienyl)ethylene]-4-quinazoline-3-(4-benzhydrazides) (Illd) showed significant activity. The compounds 6,8-dibromo-2-[2-(thiophene)-ethylene]-4-quinazoline-3-(4- benzhydrazides) (IIIa) and 6,8-dibromo-2-[(3 nitrostyryl)ethylene]-4-quinazoline-3-(4-benzhydrazides), (Illc) were exhibited moderate activity. All the title compounds were characterized by analytical and spectral data.


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