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Synthesis of amino ketals antitremorine activity.

Author(s): M Kidwai, R Bala
Dept. of Chemistry, University of Delhi, Delhi- 110 007,

Correspondence Address:
M Kidwai Dept. of Chemistry, University of Delhi, Delhi- 110 007

Amino Ketal derivates of benzoin and alpha-hydroxycyclohexyl phenyl ketone were prepared for evaluation of central anticholinergie and antiparkinsonian activity. Selected members of the series exhibited antitremorine potency with low orders of perpheral anticholinergic activity. The most potent tremorine antagoinst was tested against oxotremorine, an active metabolite of Tremorine and found to be in active. It is concluded that the compound probably act by preventing the in vivo conversion of tremorine to oxotremorine rather than by a central anticholinergic mechanism.


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