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Synthesis of some 1-substituted-3-(4'-methylphenyl)-4-n-substituted p-sulphamylbenzeneazo) pyrazolin-5-ones as potential fungicides and bactericides.

Author(s): VK Ahluwalia, U Dutta, HR Sharma
Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi, Delhi 110 007

Correspondence Address:
V K Ahluwalia Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi, Delhi 110 007

Coupling of ethyl 3-(4'-methylphenyl)-3-oxopropanoate (1) with different diazotised sulphonamide bases give the corresponding ethyl 3-(4'-methylphenyl)-2-(N1-substituted p-sulphamylbenzeneazo)-3-oxopropanoate [2(a-1)]. Subsequent cyclisation with substituted hydrazines yield the pyrazolone derivatives 3(a-j) and 4(a,b,d-f, h-1). 13 C-NMR and IR studies show them to exist in the pyrazol-5-ol form. Marginal activity was observed during the screening for antifungal and antibacterial activity of these compounds.


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