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Systemic Absorption Of Propranolol Hydrochloride From Buccoadhesive Films

Author(s): K Balamurugan, J. K Pandit, P. K Choudary, J Balasubramaniam

The systemic absorption of propranolol hydrochloride (PHL) delivered through rabbit oral mucosa was studied. Drug-loaded buccoadhesive films of varying compositions with unidirectional drug release were applied to rabbit oral mucosa and inhibition of isoprenaline-induced tachycardia was achieved. In vitro drug release followed zero-order kinetics. The ex vivo mucoadhesivity tests using rabbit small intestinal mucosa on an in-house fabricated apparatus yielded correlation between film composition and rnucoadhesivity. Selected batches of placebo films showing good bioadhesion and oral mucosal compatibility in human volunteers could form a basis of propronalol delivery through this route to avoid first pass metabolism.


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