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The effect of particle properties on the semisolid spreadability of pharmaceutical pastes

Author(s): Soheila Honary, M Chaigani, A Majidian
Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences, School of Pharmacy, Sari, Iran

Correspondence Address:
Soheila Honary Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences, School of Pharmacy, Sari Iran E-mail: [email protected]

The effect of different shapes and size solids and varying solid content added to semisolid base containing Eucerin® and liquid paraffin on the spreadability of obtained pastes were evaluated. Zinc oxide, salicylic acid, acetyl salicylic acid, and sodium chloride) were used as model solids for different shape and size. The samples were tested by extensometer, and the mean values of spread surface for at least three samples were plotted against the exerted weights on the extensometer's upper plate. The results show that, the semisolid spreadability decreased significantly ( P <0.05) as the powder level in the paste increased and decreased by decreasing the particle size of the solids. The results also illustrate that the particle shapes significantly ( P <0.05) affect semisolid spreadability.

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