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The Interference of Monoclonal Anti-Cluster of Differentiation 47 on Transfusion Compatibility Testing

Author(s): Dan Xu, Xiuwen Ni and Tao Chen*
Department of Blood Transfusion, The First Hospital of Jiaxing, 1Jiaxing Blood Center Laboratory Department, Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province 314000, People’s Republic of China

Correspondence Address:
Tao Chen, Department of Blood Transfusion, The First Hospital of Jiaxing, Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province 314000, People’s Republic of China, E-mail:

Hu5F9-G4 and AK117, novel cluster of differentiation 47 blockers, are used to treat solid tumors and hematoma. Because cluster of differentiation 47 is expressed on erythrocytes, treatment with monoclonal anti-cluster of differentiation 47 may interfere with the results of transfusion compatibility testing. This study analyzed the interference and treatment of Hu5F9-G4 and AK117 on transfusion compatibility testing. Saline and microcolumn gel methods were used to identify the blood types of the patients. To screen irregular antibodies, salt water, indirect antiglobulin test and polyamine methods were used. Various methods were used to identify antibodies, including saline, indirect antiglobulin test, polyamine and acid diffusion. This paper explores current methods for removing interference caused by monoclonal anti-cluster of differentiation 47. Hu5F9-G4 interferes with reverse typing of ABO blood groups, resulting in agglutination of all reagents used in antibody screening and identification. Patients’ erythrocyte acid dispersive fluid reacted positively with spectrum cells and erythrocytes treated with papain reacted positively with serum. In saline and coagulant amine media, AK117 did not agglutinate with screening cells, but it did with antihuman globulin media. Pre-transfusion testing can be interfered with by anti-cluster of differentiation 47 antibodies. To ensure safe blood transfusions, patients should have their blood type tested and antibodies screened before treatment.

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