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TLC-Colourimetric Estimation Of Free And Combined Forms Of Chrysophanol, Emodin And Physcione In Some Cassia Species

Author(s): Mohib Khan, M. S Shingare, A. R Siddiqui, S. S Angadi, P. V Maske, Yahya Mohd, M. A Siddiqui

Estimation of emodin, chrysophanol and physcione in free and combined form in some Cassia species namely Cassia auriculata, Cassia fistula, Cassia javanica, Cassia roxburghii, Cassia siamea, in the plant parts like bark, flower, leaf, pericarp, seed and stem (wood) has been carried out. The TLC-colorimetric method was employed for the estimation of the same. The total amount of free and combined forms of emodin, chrysophanol and physcione were found in maximum amount in C. siamea (1.01%) followed by C. javanica (0.80%), C. fistula (0.68%), C. auriculata (0.53%) and C. roxburghii (0.37%). The standards, chrysophanol, emodin and physcione were developed from Indian Rhubarb (Rheum emodi) by TLC-spectroscopic techniques.


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