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Toxicological Evaluation Of Film Forming Methacrylic Acid Copolymers

Author(s): A. S Darvesh, M. N Saraf, Mala Menon

Three copolymers of methacrylic acid and 2-ethylhexyl acrylate in the ratios 30:70, 40:60, and 50:50 were synthesized by emulsion polymerization technique in our laboratory. The following acute toxicity and biological reactivity tests were carried out on these polymers : (a) Systemic Injection Test, (b) Intracutaneous Test, (c) Dermal Irritation Test, (d) Implantation Test, (e) RBC Haemolysis Test, (f) Agar Diffusion Test, (g) Direct Contact Test and (h) Elution Test. The results revealed that the copolymers are devoid of any acute toxicity and biological reactivity.


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