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Transformed E. Coli JM109 As a Biosensor For Penicillin

Author(s): B Ravi Kiran, K. U Kale

A variety of approaches were explored towards the development of a biosensor for analysis of a most important drug class, penicillins. This biosensor for penicillin was developed by immobilization of penicillinase on the bulb of a pH meter. Transformed cells of Escherichia coli JM109 produced the enzyme penicillinase. This transformation was carried out with plasmid pGEM, which attributes penicillinase production, by JM109.The transformed JM109 were immobilized on an ion selective electrode (pH meter) using acrylamide. This unit, the biosensor gave response to varying concentration from 10-¹ to 10-4M of penicillin prepared at pH 6.8.The initial response time for biosensor was 20 to 30 seconds.


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