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Wound Healing Activity Of Aegle Marmelos

Author(s): A Jaswanth, V Loganathan, S Manimaran

Effects of topical and intraperitoneal administration of methanolic extract of Aegle marmelos ointment and injection was studied respectively on two types of wound models in rats, (i) the excision and (ii) the incision wound model. Both the injection and the ointment of the methanol extract of Aegle marmelos produced a significant response in both of the wound types tested. In the excision model the extract treated wounds were found to epithelialise faster and the rate of wound contraction was higher, as compared to control wounds. The extract facilitated the healing process as evidenced by increase in the tensile strength in the incision model. The results were also comparable to those of a standard drug nitrofurazone.


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