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Wound Healing Potential Of Some Active Principles Of Lawsonia Alba Lam. Leaves

Author(s): S.D Mandawgade, Kalpana S Patil

Wound healing potential of different extracts of leaves of Lawsonia alba Lam. (Lythraceae) was evaluated on the rat excision and incision wound models. Different routes of administration (oral and topical) were studied in view to evaluate their efficacy in wound management. The naphthaquinone derivative, lawsone was isolated from the leaves and screened for same pharmacological activity. Results indicated that the oral administration of ethanol extract of Lawsonia alba leaves and lawsone exhibited significant healing response in both the wound models. Application of the same in the form of ointment was found to have better efficacy in wound repair cornpared to oral route. From the present study, it can be inferred that topical application of ethanol extract promoted the wound healing activity better than the other extracts.


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