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Volume 58, Issue 3

Short Communication p. 126

Studies On Lipids From Two Medicinal Plant Seed Oils Of Vidarbha Region

H. A Bhakare, A. S Kulkarni, R. R Khotpal, R. C Selokar, H. S Sapkal

Short Communication p. 128

Estimation Of Solubility Parameter And Molar Volume Through Computer Programming

P Gundu Rao, D Satyanarayana, R Narayana Charyulu, B. G Nagavi

Short Communication p. 132

Spectrophotometric Method For Fenbendazole

Sadhana J Rajput, Anandkumari Prabhakar

Research Paper p. 89

Antiinflammatory And Analgesic Potentiation Effects Of Some lmidazolyl-l-(Aryl/Substituted Aryl) Esters

S. K Srivastava, S. D Srivastava, Kirti Halwe

Research Paper p. 93

Simultaneous Spectrophotometric Estimation Of Triprolidine Hydrochloride And Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride In Pharmaceutical Dosage Form

R Moharana, N Kawathekar, S. C Chaturvedi

Research Paper p. 96

Polarographic Determination Of Nitro Group Containing Drugs In Tablets

Y. V Rami Reddy, P Rajendra Kumar Reddy, C Suresh Reddy, S Jayarama Reddy

Research Paper p. 100

Effects Of Chronic Treatment With Nitrendipine In Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats

S. S Joshi, T. S Shah, R. K Goyal

Research Paper p. 106

Multi-Fraction Absorption Model For Pharmacokinetic Analysis Of Diltiazem Tablets

Dushyant Shah, Chandan Bhave, C. J Shishoo

Research Paper p. 110

Antiulcer And Anticatatonic Activity Of Alcoholic Extract Of Evolvulus Alsinoides (Convolvulaceae)

M. G Purohit, B. K Shanthaveerappa, Shrishilappa Badami, H. K. S Swamy

Research Paper

In Vitro Adsorption Of Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride Onto Some Adsorbents And Antacids

M. D Afzal Azam, Y. S. R Reddy, S Shashidharan, B Suresh, S Srinivas

Research Paper p. 117

Study Of Wound Healing Activity Of Seeds Of Trigonella Foenum Graecum In Rats

A. D Taranalli, I. J Kuppast

Research Paper p. 120

Sevron Blue 5G As An Ion-Pairing Reagent For The Determination Of Acidic Drugs In Pharmaceutical Formulations

C. S. P Sastry, K Rama Srinivas, K. M. M Krishna Prasad

Short Communication p. 123

Computer Simulation Of In Vitro Drug Release Data And Its Kinetic Interpretation

P. R. P Verma, T. E. G. K Murthy, V Ramesh

Short Communication p. 124

Spectrophotometric Determination Of Dopamine Hydrochloride

M Shree Rama Murthy, M Shanmuga Sundaram

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