Volume 57, Issue 1

Research Paper p. 1

Diffusion Studies Of Ibuprofen From Ointment Bases

V Rajani, P. R. P Verma

Research Paper p. 7

"Caffeine, A Possible Supressor Of Ultraviolet Induced Genetic Aberrations"

Anjly Pancholy, R. K Vashishat

Research Paper p. 9

Differential Pulse Polarographic Determination Of Alprazolam

Y. V Rami Reddy, S Jayarama Reddy

Research Paper p. 12

Synthesis And Studies On Biologically Active Mono And Biheterocycles

Rajeev K Upadhyay, Savitri D Srivastava

Research Paper p. 19

Antihypercholesterolemic Activity Of Garlicky Principles Of Adenocalymma Alliaceum

E Venkata Rao, M Appa Rao

Research Paper p. 23

Binding Of Phenylalkylamines At Serotonin Receptors : A Quantitative Analysis

R. C Sharma, S Tiwari, P Singh

Research Paper p. 26

Development Of Buccal Tablets Of Diltiazem Hydrochloride

Alka Ahuja, Monica Dogra, Suraj P Agarwal

Research Paper p. 31

Determination Of Propyphenazone And Ketoprofen By Quantitative Thin Layer Chromatography And High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography

P Parimoo, A Bharathi, P Leela

Research Paper p. 35

Simultaneous Determination Of Paracetamol, Diclofenac Sodium And Chlorzoxazone By HPLC From Tablet

V. M Shinde, B. S Desai, N. M Tendolkar

Short Communication p. 38

Low Frequency Physical Failure Affecting In Vitro Release Of Theophylline From Sustained Release Tablets

Smita Shenoy, R Shrivastava

Short Communication p. 40

Synthesis And Evaluation Of Polyacrylate Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Jaidev S Tantry, Ashish Babtiwale, R Shrivastava