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A Chromatographic Determination of Aripiprazole using HPLC and UPLC: A Comparative Validation Study

Author(s): RS Thakkar, HT Saravaia, MA Ambasana, HO Kaila, AK Shah

A simple, precise, and accurate isocratic reversed-phase (RP) stability-indicating HPLC assay method was developed and validated for determination of Aripiprazole in bulk and solid pharmaceutical dosage form. A reversed-phase C8 (250×4.0 mm, 5 μm particle size) column for HPLC and C8 (50×2.1mm, 1.7 μm particle size) for UPLC method in isocratic mode was used. The mobile phase consists of acetonitrile: 20 mM ammonium acetate (90:10, v/v), flow rate was set at 1.0 ml/min and 0.250 ml/min for HPLC and UPLC, respectively and the detection was performed for both methods were at 240 nm. Further the validation of both developed method was performed and subsequently compared to prove its better applicability.

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