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Biosynthesis and Characterization of Silver Nanoparticles Using Wheatgrass Extract and Assessment of Their Anticandidal Activity

Author(s): Sangeeta Kamradgi, Suhasini Anganellikar, Shankaravva Babanagare and M V Gunagambhire*
Department of Botany, Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi, Karnataka 585106, India

Correspondence Address:
M V Gunagambhire, Department of Botany, Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi, Karnataka 585106, India, E-mail:

Wheatgrass extract was used for eco-friendly extracellular synthesis of silver nanoparticles. Stable silver nanoparticles were formed by treating the wheatgrass extract with aqueous silver nitratesolution as reducing agents. Ultraviolet–visible spectroscopy was used to confirm the presence of silver nanoparticles. The X-ray diffraction analysis exhibited characteristic peaks signifying the crystalline nature of nanoparticels. The particle size and the involvement of various biomolecules in the synthesis of silver nanoparticles were determined using Atomic force microscopy and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, respectively. The particle structure was studied by scanning electron microscopy and the elemental silver present in reaction mixture was confirmed by Energy dispersive x-ray. The nanoparticles were tested for their anticandidal activity against Candida albicans MTCC3017, Candida albicans MTCC1637, Candida albicans MTCC183, Candida tropicalis MTCC230 and Candida glabrata MTCC3814 and determined their minimum inhibitory concentration.

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