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Development of mouth dissolving tablets of clozapine using two different techniques

Author(s): RS Masareddy, RV Kadia, FV Manvi
Department of Pharmaceutics, K. L. E. S’s College of Pharmacy, Nehrunagar, Belgaum-590 010, India

Correspondence Address:
R S Masareddy Department of Pharmaceutics, K. L. E. S’s College of Pharmacy, Nehrunagar, Belgaum-590 010 India E-mail: [email protected]

Mouth dissolving tablets constitute an innovative dosage form that overcomes the problems of swallowing and provides a quick onset of action. In view of enhancing bioavailability an attempt has been made to study two different methods direct compression and sublimation in formulation of mouth dissolving tablets of clozapine. Total four formulations using various superdisintegrants and subliming agents were prepared. All prepared formulations were evaluated for physico-chemical parameters. The formulations exhibited good disintegration properties with total disintegration time in the range of 25 to 35 s. Comparative evaluation of two methods showed direct compression method is a better alternative to sublimation method as its formulations rapidly disintegrate in oral cavity. In vitro cumulative percentage drug release for formulations prepared by direct compression with explotab superdisintegrants shows 99.79 while sublimation method using camphor 93.58 release in 12 min. Kinetic studies indicated that all the formulations followed first order release with diffusion mechanism.

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