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Gene Chip Detection of Gene Expression Profile Changes after Treatment of MOLT-4 Cells with Smo siRNA

Author(s): Z. Huamin, B. Shijie, L. Baixing and S. Zhiqiang*
Shenzhen Hospital, Southern Medical University, Guangdong Province, 518101, China

Correspondence Address:
Shenzhen Hospital, Southern Medical University, Guangdong Province, 518101, China, E-mail:

The gene expression profile of human T-lymphoblast MOLT-4 cells treated with Smo siRNA was detected using a gene chip, and the potential target genes regulated by Smo siRNA were screened. The transfection group MOLT-4 was constructed by lentiviral transfection technique. Bioinformatic analysis showed that these genes are mainly involved in cell growth and cycle, signal transduction, cell communication, cell adhesion, cell metastasis and invasion and the signaling pathways involved antigen processing and presentation, cytokine and receptor interaction, cell adhesion molecules, complement system. The study of potential target genes or signaling pathways regulated by Smo siRNA is important for exploring the mechanism of MOLT-4 cell development after Smo siRNA treatment.

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