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Herbal Formulations Ameliorates Chronic Venous Insufficiency, Venotonicity and Elastase Inhibition in the Management of Varicose Veins: A Preclinical Study

Author(s): M. Onkaramurthy, K. K. Vishwakarma, P. Singh, S. Hegde, M. M. Azeemuddin, M. Rafiq* and U. V. Babu
Discovery Sciences Group, 1Research and Development Center, Himalaya Wellness Company, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562162, India

Correspondence Address:
M. Rafiq, Discovery Sciences Group, Himalaya Wellness Company, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562162, India, E-mail:

Varicose vein is one of the common vascular diseases, in which veins become widened, bulged and twisted. Development of drug to combat varicose vein is a challenging task due to complex nature of the disease and non-availability of specific animal model system. In this context, relevant experimental models were developed and polyherbal formulations HVVL-041702 a liniment intended for topical use (200 µl/ animal) and HVVT-041701 a granule intended for oral use (250 mg/kg body weight, orally) were evaluated. In vitro elastase inhibition assay was carried out using the human leukocyte elastase enzyme. Ex vivo venotonic activity was performed in isolated rat vena cava. In vivo anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-edemagenic activity were carried out in Wistar rats. Along with the aforementioned activities, HVVT-041701 was also evaluated for chronic venous insufficiency. Both the formulations showed elastase inhibition, venotonic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-edemagenic activities. HVVT-041701 was also effective in ameliorating chronic venous insufficiency by decreasing the venous pressure. Both the formulations showed beneficial effects in the management of varicose veins by improving the tonicity, venous insufficiency and vascular hyper permeability which are the pathologic hallmark of varicose veins.

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