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Immature Rubus coreanus shows a free radical-scavenging effect and inhibits cholesterol synthesis and secretion in liver cells

Author(s): B Bhandary, HY Lee, HI Back, SH Park, MG Kim, JW Kwon, JY Song, HK Lee, HR Kim, SW Chae, HJ Chae

Rubus coreanus fruits have been employed as a traditional medicine for centuries in the Asiaâ??Pacific region. Its pharmacological action differs according to the different extraction methods utilized and the degree of fruit ripening. In this study, we determined the cellular effect of different ethanol extracts of mature and immature Rubus coreanus fruits in human hepatic cell line, HepG2 cells. The antioxidant activity, effect on superoxide dismutase activity and cholesterol biosynthesis efficiency was also evaluated. Immature Rubus coreanus extract showed higher antioxidant capability, compared with that of its mature fractions. Cellular antioxidant proteins including HOâ??1, Cu/Znâ??superoxide dismutase and catalase were highly expressed in the presence of Rubus coreanus. Cholesterol levels in HepG2 cells treated with the water fraction of immature Rubus coreanus were significantly reduced. This antihyperlipidaemic action of Rubus coreanus is a consequence of cholesterol biosynthesis and extracellular secretion in HepG2 cells. These results indicate that among different ethanol fraction of mature and immature Rubus coreanus fruit extracts, water extract of immature fruit extract shows higher antioxidant as well as higher antihyperlipidaemic action.

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