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Mechanisms of DNA Abnormal Methylation in the Development of Lung Cancer in Rats

Medical College Department, Hunan Polytechnic of Environment and Biology, Hunan, 421000, 1Cardiothoracic Surgery, The Second Affiliated Hospital,University of South China, Hunan 421000, China

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MIN TANG, Medical College Department, Hunan Polytechnic of Environment and Biology, Hunan, 421000, China, E-mail:

In order to study the mechanism of abnormal deoxyribonucleic acid methylation in the process of lung cancer in rats, Wistar rats are used as the research object. The lung cancer model of rats is established by bronchial perfusion of carcinogens. Hematoxylin-eosin staining is used to observe the pathological changes of lung tissue in rats. The overall methylation level of genome is analyzed by immunohistochemistry, and the methylation status is detected by methylation specific polymerase chain reaction. The results show that the nuclei of normal bronchial epithelial cells are brown and yellow uder optical microscope. With the development of carcinogenesis, the staining gradually fades to light yellow in the infiltrating nuclei of cancer cells. Compared with normal bronchial epithelial cells, the optical density and integrated optical density values of 5-mC immunohistochemistry decrease. The methylation frequency of p16 gene in atypical hyperplasia, carcinoma in situ and invasive cancer tissues is significantly higher than that in normal and proliferative tissues. The methylation frequency of p57 gene is significantly higher in carcinoma in situ and invasive tissues than in normal and proliferative tissues. Abnormal methylation-mediated down-regulation of p16 and p57 gene transcription may be an important molecular biological event in carcinogenesis of lung cancer rats induced by carcinogens. There are still some shortcomings in the research process, but the results of the study still provide some reference and guidance for exploring more precise mechanism in the future. Therefore, this study is a significant research topic.

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