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Nanosponge-An Emerging Nanomaterial in Recent Advancement of Novel Drug Delivery: An Overview and Future Perspectives

Author(s): S. Nandi* and Poulomi Biswas
Department of Pharmaceutics, Eminent College of Pharmaceutical Technology, Kolkata, West Bengal 700126, India

Correspondence Address:
S. Nandi, Department of Pharmaceutics, Eminent College of Pharmaceutical Technology, Kolkata, West Bengal 700126, India, E-mail:

Nanosponge can be considered as an effective carrier among all the novel drug delivery systems based on nanotechnology. It is a newer class of nanoparticulate system having 3-dimensional scaffold structure and nanometric cavity size. Owing to the highly porous nature, nanosponge can offer several benefits like capability to entrap multiple active moieties, loading both hydrophobic and hydrophilic drugs, enhancing the drug solubility followed by promoting the bioavailability of drug molecules, and exhibiting programmable release. These spherical shaped colloidal nanocarriers have the potential to elevate the solubility for poorly soluble drugs through their inclusion and non-inclusion activities. The drugs belonging to Biopharmaceutical Classification System class II and IV are the suitable candidates to be developed as nanosponge formulation for increasing their solubility. Emulsion solvent diffusion method, ultrasound-assisted synthesis, high pressure homogenization etc. are the popular methods for preparation of nanosponge. An extensive variety of additives such as polymers, copolymers, cross-linkers, surfactants are used for releasing the drugs to the target site in a predictable manner through various routes of administration like oral, parenteral, topical. In this review, an overview of nanosponge and its recent advancement in field of drug delivery system along with fu ture perspectives will be discussed.

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