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Regulation of Adipogenesis Process by PU.1 Antisense Long-Non-Coding Ribonucleic Acid: A Review

Author(s): Surumi Beevisha*, A. J. Nair, R. Rajalakshmi and C. Prabha Kumari
Department of Biotechnology, Inter University Centre for Genomics and Gene Technology, University of Kerala, Trivandrum, Kerala 695581, 1Department of Biotechnology, CEPCI Laboratory and Research Institute, Kollam, Kerala 691001, India

Correspondence Address:
Surumi Beevisha, Department of Biotechnology, CEPCI Laboratory and Research Institute, Kollam, Kerala 691001, India, E-mail:

Earlier, long non-coding ribonucleic acid molecules were considered as a part of transcriptional noise and ignored imprudently, but gradually got revealed as potential regulators in many biological processes and their roles in gene expression influencing almost every aspect associated with genes, including epigenetic, transcriptional, and post-transcriptional regulation. Apart from their involvement in normal physiology, long-non-coding ribonucleic acid expression functions are also related to adipose biology, indirectly leading to obesity. This review discusses the beneficial role and mechanisms of action of PU.1 antisense long-noncoding ribonucleic acids in normal adipogenesis and their implications for obesity. Extensive research and identification of prominent long-non-coding ribonucleic acids in adipose biology will not only grant insights into diseases associated with obesity but also give ensure therapeutic targets for it.

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