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Simultaneous HPLC determination of four active compounds in fengshiding capsules, a chinese medicine

Author(s): K Zhai1, G Gao2, W Cao2, L Zhao2, X Fang2, H Duan2
1Department of Complex Prescrition of TCM, China Pharmaceutical University, Nanjing-210 038, China 2Department of Chemistry and Life Science, Suzhou University, Suzhou-234 000, China

Correspondence Address:
H Duan Department of Chemistry and Life Science, Suzhou University, Suzhou-234 000 China E-mail: [email protected]

A high performance liquid chromatography method was established for simultaneously determining four bioactive components, salicin, liquiritin, paeonolum, and imperatorin in Fengshiding capsule, a widely used traditional Chinese medicine for treating rheumatic disease. The chromatographic separation was performed on a Shimadzu Shim-pack Stable Bond C 18 column using gradient elution with methanol and water. The analytical method was validated through precision, repeatability and stability, and the relative standard deviation values were less than 3%, respectively. The recoveries of the four investigated compounds ranged from 95.80 to 101.21% with relative standard deviation values less than 3.2%. Then this proposed method was successfully applied to determine six batches of Fengshiding commercial products of capsule dosage form from two pharmaceutical factories. This study might provide a basis for quality control for this traditional Chinese medicine preparation.

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