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Synthesis and antiinflammatory activity of newer pyrazolinylbenzidines and isoxazolinylbenzidines

Author(s): S Sharma1, KK Saxena2
1Department of Chemistry, ITM University Gwalior, NH-75, Gwalior-475 001, India 2Department of Pharmacology, Lala Lajpat Rai Memorial Medical College, Meerut-250 004, India

Correspondence Address:
S Sharma Department of Chemistry, ITM University Gwalior, NH-75, Gwalior-475 001 India E-mail: [email protected]

In an effort to search for more active antiinflammatory agent, a series of pyrazolinylbenzidines and isoxazolylbenzidines was designed, synthesized, and screened for their potential as novel orally inflammation inhibitors. Compounds 4,4'-bis-(1''-acetyl-5''-substitutedaryl-2''-pyrazolin-3''-yl)benzidines (8-13) and 4,4'-bis-(2''-substitutedaryl-isoxazolin-4'-yl)benzidines (14-19) have been synthesized from 4,4'-bis-(substituted benzylidenyl-acetyl)benzidines (2-7). The structures of the products have been delineated by spectral and elemental analysis. Compounds 2-19 evaluated for antiinflammatory activity and acute toxicity and results are reported. The compound 4,4'-bis-[1''-acetyl-5''-(p-methoxyphenyl)-2''-pyrazolin-3'-yl)benzidine (9) showed more potent and dose-dependent antiinflammatory activity in comparison to reference drug.

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