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Synthesis of 2-substituted methylthieno [2,3- d]pyrimidin-4(3 h)-ones and evaluation for antihyperlipidemic activity

Author(s): PR Murumkar1, RA Fursule1, KS Jain2, SJ Surana3
1 H. R. Patel Women's College of Pharmacy, Shirpur, Dhule - 425 405, India 2 Singhgad College of Pharmacy, Pune - 411 029, India 3 R. C. Patel College of Pharmacy, Shirpur (Dhule) - 425 405, India

Correspondence Address:
P R Murumkar G. H. Patel Pharmacy Building, Opp. M. S. University Main Office, Donors Plaza, Fatehganj, Vadodara - 390 002 India E-mail:

A series of nicotinyl 4-oxathieno[2,3- d ]pyridine-2-ylmethyl esters, title compounds were synthesized. Compound IIIa was subjected to in vivo antihyperlipidemic activity in Wistar rats. The activity exhibited by synthesized compound was found to be less as compared to that produced by a standard, atorvastatin, administered in the form of suspension in 2% gum acacia. The activity was even lesser than that produced by the lead IIa.

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