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The Application of Aesthetic Surgery Technology Based on Facial Trauma

Author(s): R. Yu, X. Jiang1, X. Wang and B. Zhang*
Department of Plastic Surgery, The First Hospital of Shanxi Medical University, 1Department of Orthopaedics, Shanxi Huajin Orthopaedic Hospital, Taiyuan City, 030001, Shanxi Province, China

Correspondence Address:
Department of Plastic Surgery, The First Hospital of Shanxi Medical University, China, E-mail:

In order to study the repairing effects of aesthetic surgery technology on patients with facial trauma, patients with facial trauma were taken as the research subjects. Through the observation of postoperative pigmentation (M), vascularity (V), height (H), and pliability (P) of patients with trauma on the lower faces who received aesthetic surgery treatments, the contrast before and after the surgeries as well as the satisfaction were analyzed and investigated. The results showed that aesthetic surgery technology has a significant effect on the recovery of postoperative indices in patients with facial trauma. In addition, the factors that would affect the postoperative recovery of patients were also analyzed. In summary, aesthetic surgery treatments have good effects on the recovery of patients with facial trauma, which can greatly improve the psychological recovery of patients to maintain their confidence in work and life. Despite the deficiencies in the research process, it has provided a certain basis and ideas for subsequent research. Therefore, the study is of great significance.

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