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Wound healing activity of cyperus rotundus linn.

Author(s): A Puratchikody, C Nithya Devi, G Nagalakshmi

The present study was aimed to evaluate the wound healing activity of extract of tuber parts of Cyperus rotundus . It is a well-known plant in Indian traditional medicine. On the basis of traditional use and literature references, this plant was selected for evaluation of wound healing potential. An alcoholic extract of tuber parts of Cyperus rotundus was examined for wound healing activity in the form of ointment in three types of wound models on rats: the excision, the incision and dead space wound model. The extract ointments showed considerable difference in response in all the above said wound models as comparable to those of a standard drug nitrofurazone ointment (0.2% w/w NFZ) in terms of wound contracting ability, wound closure time and tensile strength.

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