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Volume 56, Issue 6

Review Article

Taxoids from the himalayan yew : a potent anticancer plant.

B Das, R Das

Research Paper

Optimization of parameters for transdermal permeation of insulin.

G Chandrashekhar, R Bhat, MK Singh, N Udupa

Research Paper

Design of chitosan microspheres containing diclofenac sodium.

MC Gohel, MN Sheth, MM Patel, GK Jani, H Patel

Research Paper

Salicydroxamic acids and their metal chelates as antifungal agents.

PV Khadikar, R Saxena, T Khaddar, MA Farooqui

Research Paper

Antibacterial and antiinflammatory activity of some benzimidazoles.

AD Deshpande, AV Kasture, AK Dorle

Research Paper

Effect of chlorhexidine-alchols admixtures on glucose utilization and growth of Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

JO Ehinmidu, PG Hugbo

Research Paper

In-vitro evaluation of marketed antacid preparations - 1

RK Verma, M Sharma, MC Bindal

Research Paper

Screening of some essential oils against ringworm fungi.

P Yadav, NK Dubey

Research Paper

Phytochemical investigation of aristolochia albida duch.

MK Choudhury, AK Haruna

Research Paper

A new analytical method for terfenadine.

YK Agrawal, SJ Rajput, GR Kathkar

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