Volume 57, Issue 4

Research Article

Formulation and evaluation of ophthalmic drops containing sulphacetamide sodium and trimethoprim.

AA Shirwaikar, PG Rao

Research Paper

In vitro evaluation of antihepatotoxic activity of quinazolines.

A Kapil, IB Koul

Research Paper

Solubility behaviour of 3-phenylsydnone in binary solvents.

CV Subrahmanyam, KK Mohan, K Satyanarayana

Research Paper

Antifungal potential of some transition metal - chelates of p-amino-salycylic acid (PAS).

PV Khadikar, BD Heda, R Saxena, T Khaddar

Research Paper

Quantitative structure - activity relationship study of antihistaminic thiazolidin-4-ones.

P Singh, TN Ojha, RC Sharma, S Tiwari

Research Paper

Influence of viscosity on nitrofurantoin absorption from w/o/w emulsions.

CO Onyeji, SA Adesegun

Research Paper

Visible spectrophotometric methods for the determination of diltiazen hydrochloride.

C SP Sastry, K Sreedhar, MN Reddy, DG Sankar

Research Paper

Spectrophotometric determination of febendazole.

SP Chudasama

Short Communication

Dissolution enhancement of ibuprofen-hydrolyzed gelatin kneaded mixtures.

MC Gohel, MM Patel, AF Amin, SM Trivedi

Short Communication

Dehydrozingerone inhibits nitrite-induced oxidation of hemeoglobin.

RS Narla, M NA Rao

Short Communication

Effect of temperature on the granule formulation of new antimalarial compounds (80/53) n1-3'-acetyl-4',5'-dihydro-2'-furanyl-n4-(6-methoxy, 8-quinolinyl) 1,4-pentane diamine.

AK Dwivedi, D Kulkarni, P Prakash, S Singh

Short Communication

Decontamination of veegum by gamma radiation.

S Shidhaye, A Damle