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Volume 49, Issue 1

Research Paper

Synthesis and evaluation of cellulose acetate maleate as an enteric coating agent

R SR Murthy, S Bala, BD Miglani

Research Paper

Possible beta adrenoceptor blocking agents : synthesis of 6-(3-amino-2-hydroxy propoxy)-3-(methyl) 1, 2-benz-isoxazoles.

AR Bhat, KS Raghavan, MN Guruswamy

Research Paper

Influence of some certified water soluble dyes, preservatives and surfactants on the bioavailability of sulphamethoxazole suspensions.

YM Rao, D Rambhau

Research Paper

Synthesis of 9-beta-d-glycopyranosyl xanthotoxal and cns depressant activity of 9 beta-d-arabinopyranosyl xanthotoxol.

SM Jain, KK Anand, BK Chandan, CK Atal

Research Paper

Synthesis and biological activity of furoquinolines : 2-aroyl-4-methyl/4,6-dimethyl-3-phenyl-furo [3, 2-c] quinolines

J Sharada, Kumari Y Ratna, MK Rao

Research Paper

An improvised controlled release tablet of salbutamol sulphate

HL Bhalla, YD Sanzgiri

Research Paper

Solubility studies of tolbutamide in separate or mixed aqueous systems

VF Naggar, AG Eshra

Research Paper

Determination of pyrimethamine and sulfadoxine in syrup preparations by absorption spectroscopy

P Parimoo

Research Paper

Interaction between preservatives and pharmaceutical adjuvants : determination of effective concentration

RS Thakur, SK Ghosal

Research Paper

Colorimetric determination of meperidine

R Gridhar, S Menon, YK Agrawal

Research Paper

Spectrophotometric determination of pentazocine in pharmaceutical formulations through copper (II) and cobalt (II) chelation.

PK Chatterjee, CL Jain, PD Sethi

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