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Volume 49, Issue 6

Research Paper

Potent anti-inflammatory 2-(o-hydroxyphenyl)-5-(p-dimethylamino phenyl)-1,3,4-oxadiazoles

A Kumar, S Singh, M Verma, AK Saxena, K Shanker

Research Paper

High pressure liquid chromatographic determination of vindoline, catharanthine, vincaleukoblastine and vincristine in periwinkle leaf

S Mandal, ML Maheshwari

Research Paper

Static callus cultures of fruit of solanum xanthocarpum

RK Jaggi, JK Bhatnagar, JS Qadry, VK Kapoor

Research Paper

Studies on the in-vitro antibacterial activity of tobramycin : comparison with gentamycin

JA Onaolapo

Research Paper

Solubility of sulfonamides as a function of dielectric constant

R Dube, DD Santani

Research Paper

Effect of n,n-diethyl phenyl acetamide : an insect repellent on foetus and reproduction in rats.

S Prakash, SS Rao, S Kumar, KM Rao

Research Paper

Synthesis and biological activity of some new 2-furaldehyde-n'(6/7-substituted 2h-1, 4-benzoxazin-3-yl) hydrazones.

P Ram, AN Singh, DR Shridhar

Research Paper

Chemical Constituents of ajuga bracteosa.

RS Bhakuni, YN Shukla, RS Thakur

Research Paper

Antimicrobial activity of beta-nitro styrenes.

P VR Chowdary, M NA Rao

Research Paper

Synthesis and study of n-(2-mercapto-4,5-disubstituted phenyl)-n'-substituted-phenyl thioureas as possible antituberculosis agents.

SM Patil, VG Shirke, VR Lokhande, AS Bobade, BG Khadse

Research Paper

Spectrophotometric estimation of rutin.

MN Reddy, C SP Sastry, DG Sankar, N RP Singh

Research Paper

Starch from Dioscorea bulbifera.

KV Raghunandan, CI Jolly

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