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Volume 57, Issue 3

Review Article p. 91

Angiotensin Receptor Antagonists A New Class Of Antihypertensive Drugs

Zeenat S Hakim, Milan C Satia, Ramesh K Goyal

Research Paper p. 100

Influence Of Light On Growth And Production Of Steroids And Glycoalkaloids In Solanum Species In Vivo And In Vitro

S. C Jain, S. L Sahoo, R Vijayvergia

Research Paper p. 102

Sustained Release Flurbiprofen Beads

S Pandey, U. V Singh, N Udupa

Research Paper p. 105

A Comparative Evaluation Of Norfloxacin Containing Microcapsules Of Two Coating Materials

R Pitchai Mani, A. A Shirwaikar

Research Article p. 109

Ophthalmic Irritation Potential Of Propylene Glycol

Arun Shirwalkar, P Gundu Rao

Research Paper p. 113

Synthesis And Antiviral Activity Of Some New Farmazans

Manohar Tiwari Murali, Manish Agarwal, V. K Saxena, S. K Bajpai, M. N Joshi

Research Paper p. 117

Synthesis And Pharmacological Activity Of Some Mannich Bases 1-(4-N-Substituted Phenyl)-2-Phenyl-4-Arylimidazolin-5-Ones

Manohar Tiwari Murali, Manish Agarwal, V. K Saxena, S. K Bajpai, M. N Joshi

Research Paper p. 121

Analgesic, Antipyretic And Antiulcerogenic Effects Of Andrographolide

S Madav, H. C Tripathi, S. K Mishra

Research Paper p. 126

Simultaneous Determinations Of Spironolactone With Hydroflumethiazide And Spironolactone With Frusemide In Combination Formulations By UV Absorption Method

P Parimoo, A Bharathi, K Padma

Research Paper p. 130

New Spectrophotometric Methods For The Determination Of Pyrithioxine

C. S. P Sastry, D Murali Krishna

Research Paper p. 133

Extraction Spectrophotometric Determination Of Tamoxifen Citrate Using Naphthalene Blue 12BR Or Alizarine Red-S

C. S. P Sastry, J. S. V. M Lingeswara Rao

Short Communication p. 136

Mathcad : A Tool For Designing Sustained Release Formulations

D. A Shah, Yamini Shah, S Gupta

Short Communication p. 139

Extractive Spectrophotometric Determination Of Antihistaminic Drugs

P Nagaraja, K. C Srinivasa Murthy

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