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Volume 60, Issue 5

Review Article p. 259

Gene Therapy

S. S Mahajan, H. V Patankar

Review Article p. 265

A Review Of Pharmaceutical Polymeric Controlled - Release Membranes

Tao Wu, Weisan Pan, Jimin Chen, Ruhua Zhang

Research Paper p. 270

In Vitro Protein Binding Studies On Aztreonam : Temperature Effects And Thermodynamics

Bhupinder Singh, Sanjay Bansal

Research Paper p. 275

Mannich Reaction Products Of 5-Arylidene-2-Phenylimino-4-Thiazolidinones As Anticonvulsants

D. R Gahane, K. D Khapekar, V. C Sharma, N. J Gaikwad

Research Paper p. 280

Synthesis And Antibacterial Activity Of Mannich Bases Of Ciprofloxacin And Lomefloxacin With Isatin And Its Derivative

S. N Pandeya, C Gnana Sundari, N Mariammal, P Saravanan, S Saravana Balaji, R Sentil Kumar, D Sriram

Research Paper p. 283

Quinazolinones As Potential Anti-Inflammatory Agents

Ritu Tyagi, Bhawna Goel, V. K Srivastava, A Kumar

Research Paper p. 287

Characterization Of Phytoconstituents Of The Fruits Of Momordica Dioica

Mohd. Ali, V Srivastava

Research Paper p. 290

Microbial Cultures As Models To Predict Drug Metabolism : Studies With Phenytoin

M. K Kumar, V Kishan, D. R Krishna

Research Paper p. 294

New Spectrophotometric Methods For The Determination Of Salmeterol Xinafoate

K. P. R Chowdary, G Devala Rao

Research Paper p. 297

Spectrophotometric Studies On The Interaction Of Bovine Serum Albumin With Triphenylmethane Dyes

Neelam Seedher, Anju Saini

Short Communication p. 302

Spectrophotometric Estimation Of Pyrantel In Pharmaceutical Formulations

C. S. R Lakshmi, M. N Reddy

Short Communication p. 305

Antifungal Activity Of The Seed Coat Extract Of Azadirachta Indica

D. K Verma, V. J Tripathi, V Taneja, B. K Rana

Short Communication p. 306

Differential Pulse Polarographic Determination Of 1,4-Benzodiazepine Psychotropic Drugs In Pharmaceutical Formulations And Urine Samples

P. R. K Reddy, N. Y Sreedhar, S. J Reddy

Short Communication p. 309

Visible Spectrophotometric Methods For Estimation Of Amlodipine Besylate Form Tablets

I Singhvi, S. C Chaturvedi

Short Communication p. 311

Antimicrobial Activity Of Cassia Alata

P. R Sakharkar, A. T Patil

Short Communication p. 313

Simultaneous Determination Of Cefazolin And Cefotaxime From Injections By Reverse Phase HPLC

V. M Shinde, C. V Shabadi

Short Communication p. 315

Pulse Polarographic Determination Of Dapsone In Tablets

D. K Sharma, N Verma, K Prasher, Jasvir Singh

Short Communication p. 318

Simultaneous Spectrophotometric Determination Of Amoxycillin And Probenecid In Tablet Dosage Form

Deepti Jain, D. K Jain, P Trivedi

Short Communication p. 321

Production Of Piper Betle L. Callus Tissues For Diosgenin

Aminuddin, B. S Dixit, R Banerji

Short Communication p. 322

Buccoadhesive Film Of Triamcinolone Acetonide : Development And Evaluation Of A Buccoadhesive-Erodible Carrier For Treatment Of Oral Lesions

Javed Ali, R. K Khar, Alka Ahuja

Short Communication p. 326

Formulation And Dissolution Studies Of Solid Dispersions Of Nimesulide

Shobha Rani R Hiremath, Sarasija Suresh, S Praveen, Aney Thomas, T Sriramulu, G Jaya, M Ruknuddin

Short Communication p. 328

Quantitative Determination Of Bacoside By HPLC

R Pal, A. K Dwivedi, S Singh, D. K Kulshreshtha

Short Communication p. 330

Synthesis Of Some 4[5-Substituted-2-Furanyl) Amino]-7-Substituted Aryloxy-6-Fluoro Cinnoline-3-Carboxylic Acids As Antimicrobial Agents

J Saravanan, K. S Manjunatha

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