Volume 59, Issue 6

Review Article p. 275

Engineered Erythrocytes As A Drug Delivery System

Sanjay Jain, N. K Jain

Research Paper p. 282

Studies On In Vitro Evaluation Of Some Griseofulvin Tablets

Tabitha Ohol, Kamalinder K Singh

Research Paper p. 286

A QSAR Study On The Antileishmanial Activity Of Some Substituted Pyrimidines And Pyrazolo [1,5-a] Pyrimidines

Y. S Prabhakar, V. J Ram

Research Paper p. 292

In Vitro Assessment Of Antihepatotoxic Activity Of n-Octacosanol

Kurma S Rao, S. H Mishra

Research Paper p. 295

Simultaneous Determination Of Salbutamol And Etofylline By Third Derivative Ultraviolet Spectroscopy

R Garg, A. K Sharma

Research Paper p. 299

Preparation And Evaluation Of Muco-Adhesive Buccal Films Of Clotrimazole For Oral Candida Infections

R Khana, S. P Agarwal, Alka Ahuja

Research Paper p. 306

Evaluation Of Piroxicam Injection

A Singhai, S Jain, N. K Jain

Research Paper p. 312

Formulation Of Multilayered Sustained Release Tablets Using Insoluble Matrix System

M. A Abraham, A Shirwaikar

Research Paper p. 316

Studies On Kinetics Of Drug Release From Modified Guar Gum Hydrophilic Matrices

J. M Baweja, A. N Misra

Short Communication p. 321

Simultaneous Determination Of A New Antimalarial Agent, CDRI Compound No 80/53 And Primaquine By TLC Densitometry And UV Spectrophotometry

A. K Dwivedi, M Khanna, R Pal, S Singh

Short Communication p. 324

Derivative Spectrophotometric Method For Simultaneous Estimation Of Cephalexin And Probenecid In Two Component Solid Dosage Form

Deepti Jain, D. K Jain, P Trivedi

Short Communication p. 327

Spectro Photometric Determination Of Promethazine Using Sodium Nitroprusside

K Basavaiah, G Krishnamurthy

Short Communication p. 330

Formulation And Evaluation Of Lincomycin HCl Gels

L Panigrahi, T John, A Shariff, Shobha Rani, R Hiremath

Short Communication p. 333

Influence Of Egg Albumin Of Dissolution Of Methotrexate

U. V Singh, N Udupa

Short Communication p. 336

Simple And Rapid High Performance Thin Layer Chromatographic Estimation Of Amlodipine From Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms

K Ilango, P. B Kumar, V. R Vijay Prasad