Volume 60, Issue 1

Review Article p. 1

Mucoadhesive Buccal Drug Delivery : A Potential Alternative To Conventional Therapy

R Khanna, S. P Agarwal, Alka Ahuja

Research Paper p. 12

Anti-Inflammatory And Antihepatotoxic Activities Of The Roots Of Moringa Pterygosperma Gaertn

K. S Rao, S. H Mishra

Research Paper p. 17

Phytochemical Investigation Of Cocculus Pendulus Stem

M Ali, V Srivastava, M. P Sharma

Research Paper p. 20

Pharmacodynamic Effects Of Cedrus Deodara Wood Essential Oil

S. K Tandan, S Chandra, S Gupta, J Lal

Research Paper p. 24

Evaluation Of Tableting Properties Of Agglomerates Obtained By Spherical Crystallisation Of Trimethoprim

P. H Pawar, A. P Pawar, K. R Mahadik, A. R Paradkar

Research Paper p. 29

Antimicrobial Activity Of Cassia Species

R. A sharma, S. C Jain, R Jain, C Mittal

Research Paper p. 33

Effect Of Moringa Oleifera Lam On Paracetamol - Induced Hepatotoxicity

K Ruckmani, S Kavimani, R Anandan, B Jaykar

Research Paper p. 36

Antifertility Activity Of Niosomal HPbCD - Plumbagin Complex

R D'Souza, U. V Singh, K. S Aithal, N Udupa

Research Paper p. 41

Formulation And In Vitro Evaluation Of Centchroman - Loaded Biodegradable Microspheres

B. D Shenoy, D Kini, N Udupa

Short Communication p. 45

Niosomal Withaferin A With Better Antitumor Efficacy

I. P Seena, U. V Singh, R Kamath, P Uma Devi, N Udupa

Short Communication p. 48

Assay Methods For A New Analgesic Enkephalin Analogue CDRI Compound No. 82/205

A. K Dwivedi, M Khanna, S Singh

Short Communication p. 50

Performance Evaluation Of Tamarind Seed Polyose As A Binder And In Sustained Release Formulations Of Low Drug Loading

D Kulkarni, A. K Dwivedi, S Singh

Short Communication p. 53

Spectrophotometric Determination Of Atenolol And Timolol Dosage Forms Via Charge - Transfer Complexation

S. P Agarwal, Vasudha Singhal, Anita Prakash

Short Communication p. 55

Spectrophotometric Determination Of Pentazocine In Pharmaceutical Formulations

C. S. P Sastry, T Vijaya Rekha, A Satyanarayana

Short Communication p. 59

Chemical Examination Of The Stems Of Cassia Grandis L.

Meenarani, S. B Kalidhar