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Volume 48, Issue 6

Research Paper

Quest for anthelmintic agents part IV some analouges of bephenium and tetramisole

K Nagarajan, VR Rao, AN Goud

Research Paper

Synthesis of 4-[4-(2-phenylethenyl) phenyl] thiosemicarbazide and related products as potential anti-inflammatory agents.

RS Varma, D Chatterjee

Research Paper

Studies on eudisperts (methacrylate polymers) and their formulations as water soluble ointment bases

RK Khankari, NK Moorthy

Research Paper

Synthesis of some 1-substituted-3-(4'-methylphenyl)-4-n-substituted p-sulphamylbenzeneazo) pyrazolin-5-ones as potential fungicides and bactericides.

VK Ahluwalia, U Dutta, HR Sharma

Research Paper

Studies on release of centperazine from film coated matrix tablets

SK Baveja, K VR Rao

Research Paper

Reverse phase HPLC of rifampin-isoniazid mixture in dosage forms

PS Mandal, SP Tyagi, SK Talwar

Research Paper

Quantitative determination of metronidazole by oxidation reduction method

P Parimoo

Research Paper

A new spectrophotometric method for the estimation of primaquine using MBTH

BS Sastry, EV Rao, MK Tumuru, C SP Sastry

Research Paper

Synthesis and antibacterial activities of some substituted oxadiazoles, thiadiazoles and triazoles.

CS Andotra, TC Langer, SK Sharma, AN Sarin

Research Paper

Simultaneous spectrophotometric estimation of di-iodohydroxyquinoline and metronidazole or their analouges derivatives in combined dosage forms.

PK Chatterjee, CL Jain, PD Sethi

Research Paper

3-Substituted lawsones and their calcium and zinc chelates as antimicrobials

VD Kelkar, BM Rawal, PL Kulkarni, Pl Kulkarni

Research Paper

A spectroscopic study of the anticholesterol effect of nicotinic acid on erythrocyte liposomes

M Bhattacharya, P Nandy

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