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Volume 50, Issue 4

Research Paper

Preparation of aerosol dosage forms of dexamethasone.

A Ali, SN Sharma

Research Paper

Synthesis and invitro amoebicidal activity of some n,n'-disubstituted diamine dihydrochlorides.

PL Kachroo, R Gupta, R Wadhwan

Research Paper

Formulation and evaluation of fast release lorazepam.

GR Behra, SP Vyas, SK Jain

Research Paper

Dielectric study of sulfonamides.

R Dube, DD Santani

Research Paper

Standardization of pure isapgol (plantago ovata) mucilage for pharmaceutical use.

M Khanna, RC Nandi, S Singh, GK Jain, J PS Sarin

Research Paper

Study on stem callus of solanum platanifolium sims.

RK Jaggi, JK Bhatnagar, JS Qadry, VK Kapoor

Research Paper

Effect of solvent composition on the stability of butaperazine dimaleate.

GN Singh, RP Gupta

Research Paper

A rapid titrimetric method for the determination of isoniazid in drugs.

BC Verma, S Kumar, P Kumar, DK Sharma, A Sood

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