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Volume 62, Issue 2

Review Article p. 77

Muscarinic Receptors And Genitourinary Smooth Muscle Function

S. S Hegde, R. M Eglen

Review Article p. 84

Combinatorial Technology : An Overview

A. K Galande

Research Paper p. 92

Spectrophotometric Determination Of Budesonide

M. R Joshi, A. N Misra

Research Paper p. 97

Effect Of Surfactants On The Solubility And Dissolution Rate Of Nimesulide From Tablets

K. P. R Chowdary, T Manjula

Research Paper p. 102

Development Of Pulsincap Drug Delivery Of Salbutamol Sulphate For Drug Targeting

M. K Samanta, N. V Suresh, B Suresh

Research Paper p. 108

Application Of Simplex Lattice Design For The Development Of Transdermal Gels Of Diclofenac Sodium

M. C Gohel, G. K Jani, Avani Amin, Seema Bajaj, B. S Dave

Research Paper p. 115

Effects Of Allylestrenol On Blood Lipids In Relation To Its Biological Activity

A Saha, K Roy, DE Kakali, Chandana Sengupta

Research Paper p. 119

Formulation And Evaluation Of ?-Cyclodextrin Complexes Of Tenoxicam

A. M Sanoferjan, N. G Nanjundaswamy, S Mahesh, S Narasimha Murthy

Research Paper p. 122

Estimation Of Aceteminophen, Dextropropoxyphene And Oxyphenbutazone In Combined Dosage Forms By HPLC Method

M Vasudevan, S Ravisankar, T Ravibabu, J. S. K Nagarajan

Research Paper p. 126

Release Enhancement And Reduction In Ulcerogenicity Of Naproxen By Polyvinylpyrrolidone

A. K Singla, Larisa Nagra

Short Article p. 129

A 23 Factorial Studies On Factors Influencing Meloxicam ?-Cyclodextrin Complexation For Better Solubility

B. S Nath, H. N Shivakumar

Short Communication p. 133

Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship Of Alkyl Ethers Using A Set Of Novel Topological Parameters

B. K Mishra, M Kuanar, J Pradhan, R. N Moharana

Short Communication p. 136

Preparation And Evaluation Of Delayed - Release Microparticles Of Flurbiprofen

M Ganesan, Maria Gerald Rajan, R senthil Prabhu, N Deattu

Short Communication p. 139

Synergestic Action Of Maltose And Dextran On Extracellular Dextranase Production

D. K Das, S. K Dutta

Short Communication p. 142

An Isocratic HPLC Method For The Analysis Of Indole Alkaloids Of Catharanthus Roseus

Shashi Bala, G. C Uniyal, A. K Mathur, R. N Kulkarni

Short Communication p. 144

Antiinflammatory And Analgesic Activity Of Various Extracts Of Leucas Aspera Spreng (Labiatae)

A. R Saundane, K. M Hidayat Ulla, N. D Satyanarayan

Short Communication p. 147

Development And Evaluation Of Ethylcellulose Coated Controlled Release Pellets

A. K Handa, A. V Kerudi, H. L Bhalla

Short Communication p. 150

Evaluation Of Diuretic Potential Of Jussiaea Suffruticosa Linn. Extract In Rats

T Murugesan, L Manikandan, K. B Suresh, M Pal, B. P Saha

Book Review p. 152

Quality Control Methods For Medicinal Plant Materials

Virbala Shah

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