Volume 60, Issue 2

Review Article p. 61

Phospholipids And Their Applications In Medicine And Diagnosis

A. A Joshi, M. S Nagarsenkar

Research Paper p. 68

Molecular Modeling For The Interaction Between Certain Drugs With Betacyclodextrin

K. S Aithal, U. V Singh, K Satyanarayan, N Udupa

Research Paper p. 73

Determination Of Cephalosporines In Presence Of Tungsten (VI) With The Help Of Polarographic Catalytic Waves

K Swarna Rani, V Suryanarayana Rao, N Ch. Varadacharyulu

Research Paper p. 75

Bioequivalence Studies Of Two Formulations Of Acyclovir Sodium Tablets

Shivprakash, B Khamar, I. S Rathod, D. D Santani

Research Paper p. 79

Modification Of Lactose For Direct Compression - I

A. B Rao, A. N Misra

Research Paper p. 90

Formulation And Evaluation Of Isopropyl Antipyrine Oral Suspensions

S Mahesh, S Narasimha Murthy, K. L. K Paranjothy, N. G Nanjundaswamy

Research Paper p. 95

Synthesis And Preformulation Studies Of A Prodrug Of Lomefloxacin

Sanjula Mangla, S. P Agarwal

Research Paper p. 99

Rapid Spectrophotometric Determination Of Dopamine Hydrochloride With Chloramine - T

P Nagaraja, K. C Srinivasa Murthy, H. S Yathirajan, B. M Mohan

Research Paper p. 102

Synthesis And Evaluation Of New 4-Aryl/Heteroaryl-2, 6-Dimethyl-3, 5-Bis-N-(Arylcarbamoyl)-1, 4-Dihydropyridines As Pharmacodynamic Agents - Part-I

S. K Swamy, T. M Reddy, V. M Reddy

Short Communication p. 107

Preparation And In Vitro Characterization Of Eudragit RL 100 Microspheres Containing 5-Flurouracil

Jolly R Parikh, R. S. R Murthy, R. H Parikh

Short Communication p. 109

Polarographic Determination Of Some Sulphonamide Derivatives In Pharmaceutical Preparations

K Swarna Rani, V Suryanarayana Rao, C. H Varadacharyulu

Short Communication p. 111

Simultaneous Spectrophotometric Estimation Of Meclozine Hydrochloride And Nicotinic Acid From Combined Dosage Form

S. B Bari, S. G Kaskhedikar

Short Communication p. 113

Spectrophotometric Methods For Estimation Of Benidipine Hydrochloride From Tablets

I Singhvi, S. C Chaturvedi

Short Communication p. 114

Antiinflammatory Activity Of The Essential Oil Of Cymbopogon Martinii

G Kirshnamoorthy, S Kavimani, C Loganathan

Short Communication p. 116

Three Simple Spectrophotometric Methods For The Estimation Of Tinidazole And Furazolidone In Tablets

S Ravisankar, M. J Nanjan, M Vasudevan, B Duraiswamy, B Suresh, N Noorudeen