Volume 67, Issue 2

Review Article p. 135

Chronotherapeutics : Emerging Role Of Biorhythms In Optimizing Drug Therapy

Sarasija Suresh, Stutie Pathak

Review Article p. 141

Mucoadhesive Microspheres And Microcapsules : Current Status

K. P. R Chowdary, Y Srinivasa Rao

Review Article p. 151

Biological Activities Of Sulfonamides

M. A Bhat, M Imran, S. A Khan, N Siddiqui

Research Paper p. 160

Formulation And Evaluation Of Buccal Films Of Salbutamol Sulphate

G. V Pavankumar, V Ramakrishna, G. J William, A Konde

Research Paper p. 165

Antiulcer Activity Of Methanol Extract Of Eclipta Alba

A Banerjee, N Shrivastava, A Kothari, H Padh, M Nivsarkar

Research Paper p. 169

Possible Involvement Of Stretch-Activated Channels In The Cardioprotective Effect Of Remote Aortic Preconditioning

R Sharma, H Dureja, A Sharma, M Singh

Research Paper p. 175

Neocuproine And Bathocuproine As New Reagents For Sensitive Spectrophotometric Determination Of Certain Dibenzazepine Drugs

N. G Keshvachar, Ayesha Syeda, M. A Pasha, A. A Syed

Research Paper p. 182

A Simple And Sensitive HPTLC For The Determination Of Content Uniformity Of Atorvastatin Calcium Tablets

Savita S Yadav, Deepali V Mhaske, A. B Kakad, B. D Patil, S. S Kadam, S. R Dhaneshwar

Research Paper p. 187

Antioxidant Flavone C-Biosides From The Aerial Parts Of Alternanthera Pungens

A. J. A Petrus, T. R Seetharaman

Research Paper p. 194

Synthesis And CNS Depressant Of Newer Spirobarbiturates

B Goel, S Sharma, K Bajaj, D Bansal, T Singh, N Malik, S Lata, C Tyagi, H Panwar, A Agarwal, A Kumar

Research Paper p. 200

Nasal Delivery Of Propranolol Hydrochloride From Sorbitan Monosterate Orgnogels : Performulation Study

V. B Shelke, Kirti Thopte, G. M Wawde, S. S Pisal, S. S Kadam

Research Paper p. 206

Studies On Ocimum Gratissimum Seed Mucilage : Evaluation Of Suspending Properties

B Anroop, S. P Bhatnagar, Bijaya Ghosh, Versha Parcha

Research Paper p. 210

Synthesis And Pharmacological Activity Of 4-Aryl-Thieno-(2,3-d)-Pyridazines

A. K Singh, G. L Hegde, S. A Khanum, S Shashikanth

Research Paper p. 216

Formulation And Evaluation Of Ethyl Cellulose-Coated Diclofenac Sodium Microcapsules : Influence Of Solvents

T. E. G. K Murthy, K. P. R Chowdary

Research Paper p. 220

Antimicrobial And Wound Healing Properties Of Stem Bark Of Toddalia Asiatica Linn.

D. M Kar, A Mohanty, R. K Sethi, G. K Dash

Short Communication p. 224

Spectrofluorimetric Method For The Determination Of Atenolol In Tablet Dosage Forms

S. A Patel, C. N Patel, I. S Rathod, B. N Suhagia, M. M Patel

Short Communication p. 226

Inclusion Complexation Of Rofecoxib With Dimethyl ?-Cyclodextrin

Sanjula Baboota, M Dhaliwal, K Kohli, J Ali

Short Communication p. 229

Spectrophotometric Estimation Of Repaglinide In Bulk Drug And Tablet Formulations

B. G Chaudhari, S. J Rajput, P. B Shah

Short Communication p. 231

Development And Evaluation Of Cosmeceutical Hair Styling Gels Of Ketoconazole

S. H Nayak, P. D Nakhat, P. G Yeole

Short Communication p. 233

Taste Masking Of Quinine Sulphate

Vandana B Patravale, Namita B Prabhu

Short Communication p. 236

Stability Indicating Assay Method For Amlodipine Tablets

Koustubhmani Kamat, S. C Chaturvedi

Short Communication p. 239

Antibacterial Activity Of Punica Granatum In Different Solvents

R Nair, S Chanda

Short Communication p. 243

Physico-Chemical Aspects Of Protein Binding Of Nimesulide

S. K Dutta, S. K Basu, K. K Sen

Short Communication p. 247

Simultaneous Reverse Phase HPLC Estimation Of Paracetamol And Rofecoxib In Tablets

G Subramanian, R Sheety, S Agarwal, S Pandey, N Udupa

Short Communication p. 249

Spectrophotometric Determination Of Repaglinide In Tablet Dosage Forms

S. K Jain, G. P Agarwal, N. K Jain

Short Communication p. 251

Antiinflammatory Activity Of The Leaves Of Nothapodytes Foetida, Miers

E Sheeja, E Edwin, S. P Dhanbal, B Suresh

Short Communication p. 253

Reversed Phase HPLC Method For Determination Of Glimepiride In Tablet Dosage Form

D. B Wanjari, N. J Gaikwad

Short Communication p. 256

Stability Indicating RP-HPLC Method For Determination Of Pioglitazone From Tablets

D. B Wanjari, N. J Gaikwad

Short Communication p. 258

Simultaneous Spectrophotometric Estimation Of Nalidixic Acid And Metronidazole In Combined Dosage Forms

Vaishali Nagulwar, P. A Upadhye, N. K Mehta, Kanchan Upadhye, Suparna Bakhle, Shilpa Deshpande, Gouri Dixit

Short Communication p. 260

Validation Of A RP-LC Method For Simultaneous Determination Of Paracetamol, Methocarbamol And Diclofenac Potassium In Tablets

G Subramanian, M Vasudevan, S Ravisankar, B Suresh