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Volume 57, Issue 5

Research Paper p. 189

Preparation And Evaluation Of Sustained Release Preparations Of Ferrous Sulphate

Malay Kumar Samanta, T Udaykumar, B Suresh

Research Paper p. 194

Antiinflammatory Activity Of Some New 3-Substituted-4-Amino-5-Mercapto-4(H)-1,2,4-Triazoles

M. B Talawar, S. C Bennur, S. K Kankanwadi, P. A Patil

Research Paper p. 198

Synthesis of 3,6-diaryl-2H, 3H, 4H, 5H, 6H-[1,3]-Oxazine-2- Thiones As Potential Anticonvulsants

C Singh, H. K Parwana, G Singh

Research Paper p. 203

Betacyclodextrin For Improved Stability And Delivery Of Anti-Infective Drugs

D. B Martin, N Udupa

Research Paper p. 207

Formulation And Evaluation Of Transdermal Films Of Terbutaline Sulphate

S Narasimha Murthy, V Hamsa, Shyamala Bhaskaran

Research Paper p. 210

Controlled Release Pellets Of Isoxsuprine Hydrochloride

Rajani Shettigar, A. V Damle

Research Paper p. 215

Chemoprotective Action Of Septilin Against Cyclophosphamide Toxicity

V Praveen Kumar, G Kuttan, R Kuttan

Short Communication p. 218

Synthesis And Evaluation Of Clenbuterol/Rimiterol Analogues

Amar R Mandawade, Reshma G Wadke, C. L Viswanthan

Short Communication p. 219

Synthesis And Antimicrobial Activity Of Some New Imidazolones Having Thymolmoiety

B. S Vashi, D. S Mehta, V. H Shah

Short Communication p. 222

In Vivo Antisnake Venom Activity Of A Furanoid Diterpene From Aristolochia Albida Duch (Aristolochiaceae)

A. K Haruna, M. K Choudhury

Short Communication p. 224

Simultaneous Spectrophotometric Determination Of Dipyrone And Caffeine In Pharamaceutical Formulations

Hatice Nese Dogan

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