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Volume 60, Issue 3

Review Article p. 123

Naturally Occurring Iridoids With Pharmacological Activity

Suparna Mandal, Ranjana Jain, Sibabrata Mukhopadhyay

Research Paper p. 128

Antibacterial Screening Of N-Arylamino-3-Chloro-4-(4'-Dimethyl Amino) Phenyl-Azetidin-2-Ones

Pratibha Sharma, Priti Indapurkar, Anupam Mandloi

Research Paper p. 132

Effect Of Cisplatin On Total Protein In Rat Kidney Cortical Slices

Mahadev Rao, M. N. A Rao

Research Paper p. 136

Synthesis And Antimicrobial Evaluation Of 5-Oxoimidazolylaminopyrazole-4-Carboxaldehydes And Their Schiff's Bases

Biplab De, G. V. S Rama Sarma

Research Paper p. 140

Simultaneous Estimation Of Metronidazole And Nalidixic Acid In Two Component Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms By Ultraviolet Spectrophotometry

R Paliwal, D. K Jain, R. S Gaud, P Trivedi

Research Paper p. 144

Solubilization Of Carbamazepine For Solution Dosage Forms

Sarasija Suresh, S. S Dhir

Research Paper p. 149

In Vitro Absorption Studies Of Ibuprofen With Cholic And Deoxycholic Acid Conjugates

K. K Vishwakarma, D. V Kohli, R. K Uppadhyay

Research Paper p. 153

In Vitro Studies On Effects Of Cefotaxime Sodium And Metoprolol Tartrate On Goat Whole Blood Phospholipids

K Roy, S Rudra, A. U De, Chandana Sengupta

Short Communication p. 158

Indirect Potentiometric Titration Of Isoniazid In Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms Using A Copper Based Mercury Film Electrode

P Riyazuddin, M. M Abdul Kamal Nazer

Short Communication p. 161

Spectrophotometric Determination Of Novalgin In Pharmaceutical Preparations By The Molybdenum Blue Method

Ahsan Saeed

Short Communication p. 164

Antitumour Activity Of Biochanin-A Against Dalton's Ascitic Lymphoma

S Kavimani, R Ilango, N. S Nagarajan, C Manoj, Malaya Gupta, U. K Majumdar

Short Communication p. 167

Quantitative Determination Of Terazosin HCl In Tablet Preparation By Fluorimetry

C. V. N Prasad, A Gautham, V Bharadwaj, P Praimoo

Short Communication p. 169

Formulation And Evaluation Of Polymeric Films Of Indomethacin For Transdermal Administration

P Rama Rao, P. V Diwan

Short Communication p. 172

Spectrophotometric Determination Of Nimesulide

M Narayana Reddy, K Sasira Reddy, D Gowri Shankar, K Sreedhar

Short Communication p. 173

Antiinflammatory Activity Of Alcohol Extract Of Justicia Procumbens (Acanthaceae)

B. H. M Mruthyunjayaswamy, K Rudresh, H. K. S Swamy, S. M Badami, S. P Hiremath

Short Communication p. 176

Antiallergic Activity Of Andrographolide

S Madav, H. C Tripathi, S. K Tandan, Dinesh Kumar, J Lal

Short Communication p. 179

Quality Assurance Of Chyavanprash Through Determination Of Free Radical Scavenging Activity

C. J Shishoo, S. A Shah, I. S Rathod, S. G Patel

Short Communication p. 182

Hepatoprotective Activity Of Ptreocarpus Marsupium Roxb. And Butea Frondosa Koen. Ex. Roxb.

Anupa Rane, Nirmala D Gramurohit

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