Volume 59, Issue 2

Research Paper p. 45

Simultaneous Estimation Of Chlorzoxazone And Paracetamol From Solid Dosage Forms Employing Simultaneous Equations And Derivative Spectrophotometry

M. S Bhatia, S. G Kaskhedikar, S. C Chaturvedi

Research Paper p. 49

Development Of Transdermal Patches Of Verapamil Hydrochloride Using Sodium Carboxymethyl Guar As A Monolithic Polymeric Matrix And Their Invitro Release Studies

K. L. K Paranjothy, P. P Thampi

Research Paper p. 55

Implantable Methotrexate Films Using Poly (E Caprolactone) As Biodegradable Carrier

U. V Singh, N Udupa

Research Paper p. 61

Preparation And Evaluation Of Alginate Microspheres Containing Norfloxacin And Ciprofloxacin

K. S Aithal, N Udupa

Research Paper p. 68

Formulation And Evaluation Of Chlorpromazine Hydrochloride Loaded Self-Crosslinked Gelatin Microcapsules

M. K Samanta, S Tamilvanan, K Babu, B Suresh

Research Paper p. 75

Drug Release From Terbutaline Sulphate Transdermal Films Across Human Cadaver Skin

S Narasimha Murthy, Mini Sateesh, V Hamsa

Short Communication p. 77

Fourth Derivative Spectrophotometric Estimation Of Ciprofloxacinamide And N,N'-bis Hydroxymethylciprofloxacinamide In Presence Of Ciprofloxacin

B. B Nayak, M. S Bhatia, D. K Jain, P Trivedi

Short Communication p. 79

Spectrophotometric Determination Of Cimetidine In Pure Form And In Dosage Forms Using Cu2+

K Girish Kumar, P. A Gunachithra, I Anitha

Short Communication p. 81

Biodegradable Microspheres Of Gentamicin Sulphate

S Pandey, M Majumder, U. V Singh, N Udupa

Short Communication p. 85

Development And Evaluation Of Lipospheres Of Diclofenac Sodium

M. C Gohel, Avani Amin

Short Communication p. 89

Studies On A New Antifilarial Agent, 2,2'-Dicarbomethoxy Amino 5,5'-Dibenzimidazolyl Ketone

A. K Dwivedi, M Khanna, R. K Seth, S Singh

Short Communication p. 91

Chemical Constituents And Bioactivity Studies Of Hibiscus Mucranthus Linn.

R Jain, R Arora, S. C Jain

Short Communication p. 93

Three Simple Spectrophotometric Methods For The Assay Of Ketotifen In Pharmaceutical Formulations

C. S. P Sastry, P. Y Naidu, S. S. N Murty

Short Communication p. 96

Diuretic Activity Of Aqueous Extract Of Orthosiphon Thymiflorus In Rats

S Kavimani, R Ilango, J. G Thangadurai, B Jaykar, U. K Majumdar, Malaya Gupta

Short Communication p. 98

Synthesis Of Propafenone, An Antiarrhythmic Agent

V. D Patil, C. L Viswanathan