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Volume 48, Issue 3

Research Paper

Quest for anthelmintic agents, part I para substituted phenylisothiocyanates, heterocyclylisothicyanates and bisisothiocyanates.

K Nagarajan, AN Goud, VR Rao, RK Shah, HG Sen, BN Deb

Research Paper

Role of cholesterinum and clofibrate in correcting increased lipid levels

VP Dixit, SC Joshi

Research Paper

A method for the estimation of calcium and magnesium in presence of phosphates in oral rehydration formulations.

AB Barje

Research Paper

In vitro dissolution rate enhancement of a combination of drugs via solid dispersion

NK Jain, RH Parikh

Research Paper

Stabilization of amylase in formulations with proteases

SK Dutta, AK Mandal, DK Roy

Research Paper

Effect of additives on release of centperazine from matrix tablets

SK Baveja, K VR Rao

Research Paper

A new spectrophotometric method for the determination of amodiquine and chloroquine using ammonium molybdate

BS Sastry, EV Rao, C SP Sastry

Research Paper

Spectrophotometric estimation of amoxycillin by reaction with diazotized primary aromatic amines

JB Dave, SK Banerjee

Research Paper

Pyridopyrimidines : part iii-synthesis and analgesic activity of 4-aminopyrido [2,3-d] pyrimidines

CG Dave, PR Shah, GK Shah, PS Pandya, KC Dave, VJ Patel

Research Paper

Studies on centpropazine, a new antidepressant compound : part I assay

V Varma, N Tewari, KP Sircar, V KM Rao, S Ghatak

Research Paper

A colorimetric method for the estimation of vitamin B1 in some pharmaceutical dosage forms

KK Viswanath, A Sivaprasad, Mv Sivaramakrishan

Research Paper

Specific spectrophotometric analysis of centbucridine in presence of major degradation products

SK Baveja, S Singh

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