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Volume 58, Issue 6

Research Paper p. 219

Spectrophotometric Estimation Of Piperazine In Dosage Forms Using Dichlone And Acetaldehyde As Reagent

C. J Shishoo, B. N Suhagia, I. S Rathod, S. S Thakore

Research Paper p. 222

Studies On Pyrazolines : Preparation And Antimicrobial Activity Of 3-(3' (P-Chlorophenylsulphonamidophenyl)-5 Aryl- 1H/Acetyl Pyrazolines

S. S Korgaokar, P. H Patel, M. J Shah, H. H Parekh

Research Paper p. 226

Continuous Production Of 6-Amino Penicillanic Acid From Benzyl Penicillin Using Immboilized E. Coli Cells

P Bhattacharjee, S Patil, M Tripathi, S. C Chaturvedi

Research Paper p. 230

Kinetics And Tissue Distribution Of Niosomal Bleomycin In Tumour Bearing Mice

R. A Raja Naresh, N Udupa, P Uma Devi

Research Paper p. 236

Antisteroidogenic Effect Of The Seed Extract Of Nelumbo Nucifera In The Testis And The Ovary Of The Rat

Malaya Gupta, U. K Mazumder, R. K Mukhopadhyay, Swarnali Sarkar

Research Paper p. 243

Characterization Of The Chemical Constituents Of Datura Metel Linn

Mohd. Ali, Mohd. Shuaib

Research Paper p. 246

Drug Diffusion From Cellulose Acetate-Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone Free Films For Transdermal Administration

P Rama Rao, P. V Diwan

Short Communication p. 251

Enhanced Transdermal Delivery Of Terbutaline Sulphate In Vitro Using Non-Ionic Surfactants

D Rejendran, G. L Prabushankar, S. A Dhanaraj, Rajeev Dube, B Suresh

Short Communication p. 254

Spectrophotometric Determination Of Oxytetracycline In Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms

M Basanti Rao, P. S Ramamurthy, V Suryanarayana Rao

Short Communication p. 256

Evaluation Of Commercial And Formulated Oral Rehydration Products

G Amar Krishna, B. G Nagavi

Short Communication p. 258

Extractive Spectrophotometric Determination Of Phenothiazine Drugs With Chlorophenol Red

J Seetharamappa, B. K Shubha, P Nagaraja

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