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Volume 59, Issue 4

Research Paper p. 161

N-Bromosuccinimide As An Analytical Reagent For The Spectrophotometric Determination Of Benzimidazole Anthelmintics

C. S. P Sastry, V. A. N Sarma, U. V Prasad, C. S. R Lakshmi

Research Paper p. 165

Hepatoprotective Activity Of The Whole Plants Of Fumaria Indica

Kurma S Rao, S. H Mishra

Research Paper p. 171

Simultaneous Estimation Of Atenolol And Amlodipine In Formulations By Reversed Phase - HPLC

Ravi S Sankar, M. J Nanjan, M Vasudevan, Nahed Shaat, B Suresh

Research Paper p. 174

Influence Of Hydroxypropyl b-Cyciodextrin On Dissolution Of Piroxicam And On Irritation To Stomach Of Rats Upon Oral Administration

S Mangal, Jyotsna M Musale

Short Communication p. 181

Kinetics Of Release Of Pentazocine Hydrochloride From Mictropellets Of Ethylcellulose And Eudragit RL-100

M Mandal, B. K Gupta

Short Communication p. 184

Spectrophotometric Estimation Of Rutin

M Narayana Reddy, K. V. S Prasada Rao, D. G Sankar

Short Communication p. 186

Spectrophotometric Estimation Of Loratidine In Bulk Drug And Dosage Forms

Anvesha G Vyas, Sadhana J Rajput

Short Communication p. 188

Extractive Spectrophotometric Determination Of Amlodipine Using Eriochrome Black-T and Indigo Carmine

M Narayana Reddy, G Tulaja Rani, K. V. S Prasad Rao, D. G Sankar, K Sreedhar

Short Communication p. 190

Xanthones From Swertia Alata

S Khetwal, Sunita Pande, Uma Tiwari

Short Communication p. 191

Essential Oil Composition Of Moschosma Polystachya (L) Benth

J. E Thoppil

Short Communication p. 193

Investigations On The Essential Oil Of Leaves Of Uvaria Narum Wall

V Padmaja, A Hisham, N Radhakrishna Pillai

Short Communication p. 194

Colorimetric Determination Of Thiamine Hydrochloride Using Alzarin Briliant Violet R

P. S. S Prasad, K. P Rajasree, K. A Khan, M Narayana Reddy

Short Communication p. 196

Correction Of Raw Dissolution Data For Loss Of Drug And Volume During Sampling

Bhupinder Singh, Tanjinder Kaur, Saranjit Singh

Short Communication p. 200

Solubility Studies Of Metronidazole In Binary Solvent Blends

V. K Mourya, S. K Yadav, T. R Saini

Short Communication p. 203

Spectrophotometric Method For The Determination Of Lansoprazol

Rajashree Mashru, Krutika Sawant, S. K Banerjee

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