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Volume 63, Issue 2

Research Paper p. 101

Effect Of 'Abana' Pretreatment On Isoproternol-Induced Hyperlipidemia In Rats

C Sheela Sasikumar, C. S Shyamala Devi

Research Paper p. 105

Investigation On Resealed Erythrocytes As Carriers For 5-Fluorouracil

Krutika K Sawant, Heena N Soni, R. S. R Murthy

Research Paper p. 110

Formulation And Evaluation Of Controlled Release Aspirin Tablets

R Sumati, J. K Lalla, S. S Poddar

Research Paper p. 114

A 3D QSAR Analysis Of Some Antiinflammatory 3,5-di-Tert-Butyt-4-Hydroxystyrene Derivatives

S Ajmani, S. C Chaturvedi

Research Paper p. 119

Spectrophotometric And Thermodynamic Parameters Of Albendazole-Chloranilic Acid Complex In Dioxane

U Ajali

Research Paper p. 123

A Study On Albumin Microspheres Containing Metronidazole

V Sankar, V Ravichandran, V Sivanand, S Raghuraman, G Velrajan

Research Paper p. 128

Formulation And Evaluation Of Directly Compressible Dispersible Tablets Of Panchagni Lavana

S Mutalik, R. S Shetty, J Manjunatha

Research Paper p. 132

Purification And Characterization Of A Protease From Ficus Hispida Linn

D Chetia, L. K Nath, S. K Dutta

Research Paper p. 137

Mechanism Of Interaction Of Phenothiazine Derivatives With Serum Albumin

Neelam Seedher, Mamta Kanojia

Short Communication p. 144

Comparative Evaluation Of Hydrotropically And Thermally Gelled Starch Pastes As Granulating Agents For Diclofenac Sodium

H. N Shivakumar, B. S Nath, B. G Desai

Short Communication p. 147

Role Of Skin Cholesterol In Permeation Of Indomethacin

O Anand, S Gupta, A. K Tiwary

Short Communication p. 150

Enhancement Of Dissolution Rate Of Meloxicam

K. P. R Chowdary, R Hymavathi

Short Communication p. 154

Synthesis And Antimicrobial Screening A New Guggul Preparation

S. V Pardhasaradhi, A Seshasayana, B Sreenivasa Rao, K. V Ramana Murthy

Short Communication p. 155

Antimicrobial Activity Of The Essential Oil Of Feronia Elephantum Correa

S. C Garg

Short Communication p. 158

Fatty Acid Composition Of Lipids Of Some Of Marine Sponges From Orissa Coast

S. C Si, A Sree, M Bapuji, J. K Gupta, K. A. I Siddqui

Short Communication p. 161

Spectrophotometric Methods For The Determination Of Cefotaxime Sodium In Dosage Forms

G Devala Rao, K Girish Kumar, K. P. R Chowdary

Short Communication p. 164

Spectrophotometric Method For The Determination Of Terazosin

J. V. L. N Sheshagiri Rao, G Kamalakar Reddy, V Jayasree, K. P. R Chowdary

Short Communication p. 165

Simultaneous Estimation Of Losartan Potassium And Hydrochlorthiazide In Combination

M Gandhimathi, K Vikram, A Baskaran, T. K Ravi

Review Article p. 169

A Review Of The Development Of Biostatistical Design And Analysis Techniques For Assessing In Vivo Bioequivalence : Part One

Scoot D Patterson

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