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Volume 65, Issue 6

Review Article p. 557

The Multifaceted Profile Of Cox-2 Enzyme And Emerging Therapeutic Uses Of Cox-2 Inhibitors

Hetal B Prajapati, Rajani Giridhar, M.R Yadav

Review Article p. 565

Inflammation And Novel Therapeutic Approaches For Its Management

D Hari Krishna, M Sripal Reddy, K Rajnarayana, D.R Krishna, M.C Prabhakar

Research Paper p. 576

Synthesis And Antimicrobial Activity Of N1- (Arylidine Hydrazidomethyl)-Indoles, 2-(Substituted Aryl)-3-(N1-Indolyl Acetamidyl)-4-Oxo-Thiazolidines And 5-Benzylidine Derivatives Of Thiazolidinones

V Lather, P.V.R Chowdary

Research Paper p. 580

Evaluation Of Some Novel Heterocyclic Compounds For Antifertility, Antiinflammatory And Analgesic Activities

V.P Vaidya, C.S Shreedhara, M Gopal, M.S Shahabuddin, P.S Shenoy

Research Paper p. 586

Three Dimensional Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship Of A Series Of Arylpiperazines : ?18-Adrenoceptor Antagonists

S.J Dighade, H.K Jain, A.K Saxena, R.K Agrawal

Research Paper p. 591

Design And Evaluation Of Mucoadhesive Controlled Release Oral Tablets Of Glipizide

K.P.R Chowdary, G Balatripura Sundari

Research Paper p. 595

QSAR Study Of Dihydropyrimidinone C-5 Amides As The Selective ?1a-Receptor Antagonists

P Singh, B.K Sharma

Research Paper p. 601

Comparative Behavioral Activity Of Methanolic And Aqueous Withania Somnifera Root Extracts In Stressed Rats

M Ramanathan, J Srinivasan, C Saravanababu, B Viswanad, B Suresh

Research Paper p. 605

Enhancement Of Dissolution And Bioavailability Of Mebendazole For The Effective And Safe Management Of Human Echinococcosis

R Kalaiselvan, G.S Prasad, P.R Naik, R Manavalan

Research Paper p. 613

Rational Use Of Drugs Through Prescription Monitoring-Part I

S.K Kulkarni, A Kumar, M Gupta, R Uppal

Research Paper p. 620

Provesicular Transdermal Drug Delivery System Of Ethinylestradiol And Levonorgestrel For Contraception And Hormone Replacement Therapy

S.K Kumhar, S.K Jain, S.S Pancholi, S Agrawal, D.K Saraf, G.P Agrawal

Short Communication p. 628

QSAR Studies On Substituted Bis- (Acridine-4-Carboxamides) As Potent DNA Intercalators

S.V Sharma, L Venkateshwarlu, B Suresh

Short Communication p. 631

Intestinal Permeation Mediated Absorption Interactions Between Atenolol And Furosemide

C Issa, P Gupta, A.K Bansal

Short Communication p. 634

Improvement In Flowability And Compressibility Of Ampicillin Trihydrate By Spherical Crystallization

M.C Gohel, R.K Parikh, H Shah, R.R Dubey

Short Communication p. 638

Antiulcer Effect Of Dried Fruits Of Carica Papaya Linn In Rats

B Rajkapoor, B Jayakar, R Anandan, N Murugesh

Short Communication p. 640

Formulation And Evaluation Of Chitosan Microspheres Containing Isoniazid

B Arul, R Kothai, B Sangameswaran, B Jayakar

Short Communication p. 643

Spectrophotometric, Spectrofluorimetric And High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Method For The Determination Of Hexamine In Tablets

M Balasubramanian, S Thennarasu, P.T Perumal, A.B Mandal

Short Communication p. 645

Antiinflammatory Activity Of Various Extracts Of Celosia Argentea Linn

Kalpana S Patil, S.C Chaturvedi, S Bhujbal

Short Communication p. 647

Spectrophotometric Methods For The Determination Of Sibutramine Hydrochloride From Capsules

R Valarmathi, S.K.K Sundari, A Puratchikody, Shimi George, S Suresh Kumar, K Ruckmani

Short Communication p. 649

Spectrometric Determination Of Formoterol Fumarate In Rotacap Formulation

P.N.S Pai, S.K Sandeep, A.B.P Sekhar

Short Communication p. 650

Concurrent Assay Of Metformin And Glimepiride In Tablets Using RP-HPLC With Wavelength Programming

N.R Lad, S.I Bhoir, I.C Bhoir, M Sundaresan

Short Communication p. 653

Extractive Spectrophotometric Method For The Determination Of Clarithromycin

Y Srinivasa Rao, V Jitendrababu, K.P.R Chowdary, J.V.L.N Seshagiri Rao

Short Communication p. 655

Spectrophotometric Method For Estimation Of Some COX-2 Inhibitors In Pure From And In Pharmaceutical Formulations

Neelam Seedher, A Garg, Sonu Bhatia

Short Communication p. 658

Antibacterial Activity Of Saraca Asoca Bark

Y.N Seetharam, H Sujeetha, G Jyothishwaran, A Barad, G Sharanabasappa, Shabana Parveen

Short Communication p. 660

Spectrophotometric Determination Of Two Antihistamines By Charge-Transfer Complex Formation With Chloranilic acid

K Basavaiah, V.S Charan

Short Communication p. 663

Simultaneous HPTLC Determination Of Gliclazide And Rosiglitazone In Tablets

S Gayathri, A Shantha, V Vaidyalingam

Short Communication p. 665

Evaluation Of Leucaena Leucocephala Seed Gum As Suspending Agent In Sulphadimidine Suspensions

P.R.P Verma, B Razdan

Short Communication p. 669

Isolation And In Vitro Biological Activities Of A Rare Triterpenoid From The Roots Of Trewia Polycarpa

D Chamundeeswari, E Sukumar, J Vasantha, S Gopalakrishnan, B Barik, A Patra

Short Communication p. 671

Enhanced Transdermal Permeation Of Bupropion Hydrochloride By Chemical Modification

D.P Gondaliya, K Pundarikakshudu

Short Communication p. 675

Effect A Dispersant On The Dissolution Of Ferrous Fumarate From Capsule Formulations

S Durga Prasad, G Changala Reddy, P.S.S Prasad, K Mukkanti

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