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Volume 79, Issue 3

Review Article p. 328

Effects of Nutraceutical Punicic Acid

H. A. Bedel, N. T. Turgut, A. U. Kurtoglu and C. Usta*

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000234

Review Article p. 335

Molecular Mechanisms of Cardiotoxicity: A Review on Major Side-effect of Doxorubicin

M. Mobaraki, A. Faraji, M. Zare, P. Dolati, M. Ataei and H. R. Dehghan Manshadi*

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000235

Research Paper p. 345

A Quality by Design Approach for Coating Process Parameter Optimization

B. K. Nayak, P. Elchidana and P. K. Sahu*

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000236

Research Paper p. 353

Simultaneous HPLC Determination of Efavirenz, 8-hydroxy Efavirenz, Neostigmine and Comparison of their Separation Using a C18 and Biphenyl Column through Pharmacological Evaluation

S Kumar*, P. J. Bouic and B. Rosenkranz

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000237

Research Paper p. 361

Antitumor Studies of Earthworm Fibrinolytic Enzyme Component A from Eisenia foetida on Breast Cancer Cell Line MCF-7

C. M. Liu, X. T. Chen, Y. Y. Pan, H. Liang, S. L. Song* and A. G. Ji*

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000238

Research Paper p. 369

Biosynthesis of Silver Nanoparticles by Novel Isolate of Marine Micromonospora species (KU 867645) and its Antibacterial Activity against Multidrug Resistant Hospital-acquired Uropathogens in Reference with Standard Antibiotics

M. M. Mahroop Raja* and S. Ahmed John

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000239

Research Paper p. 377

Evaluation of Antifungal Activities of Extracts of Aegle marmelos, Syzygium cumini and Pongamia pinnata against Pythium debaryanum

Y. D. More, R. M. Gade and A. V. Shitole*

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000240

Research Paper p. 385

Synthesis, Spectral Characterization and Antimicrobial Studies of New Hybrid Heterocyclic Compounds Bearing 1H-benzimidazol-2-yl Thiomethyl Motif

S. R. Deshpande*, P. S. Chavan, S. N. Nagarale and M. V. Patil

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000241

Research Paper p. 395

Screening of Antidepressant Activity and Marker-based Standardization of Baptisia tinctoria (L.) R. Vent.

Richa, D. Kumar and S. Kumar*

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000242

Research Paper p. 402

Flow Injection Determination of Moxifloxacin using Silver Nanoparticles with Tris(2,2-Bipyridyl)Ruthenium(III)-Ce(IV) Chemiluminescence Detection

S. M. Wabaidur*, S. M. Alam, Z. A. Alothman, M. R. Siddiqui and M. A. Khan

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000243

Research Paper p. 411

Yi-Chi-Tsung-Ming-Tang Reduced A beta(1-40)-induced Neurotoxicity via of Acetylcholine and NMDA Receptors Expression, ROS Generation and Tau Phosphorylation

C. H. Yeh, H. C. Huang, K. S. Chang, C. J. Chen, M. L. Yang, S. L. Tsai, H. W. Lin and Y. H. Kuan

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000244

Research Paper p. 420

Optimization and Validation of Spectrophotometric and Potentiometric Methods for Determination of Lansoprazole and Omeprazole in Pure and Capsules

M.Y. Nassar*, M.F. El-Shahat, S.M. Khalil and E. A. El-Moety

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000245

Research Paper p. 431

In vitro Antioxidant and Cytotoxic Effects of Methanol Extracts of Vitex negundo, Lantana camara, Bauhinia variegata and Bauhinia racemosa on Human Cancer Cell lines

N. V. Badgujar, Kinnari N. Mistry*, P. N. Chudasama and J. S. Patel

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000246

Research Paper p. 438

Assessment of Chemical Stability of Constituents in Thiosulfinate Derivative-rich Extract of Garlic by a Validated HPTLC Method

Swapna Nair and Alka Mukne*

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000247

Short Communication p. 451

Level and Correlates of Self-medication among Adults in a Rural Setting of Mainland Tanzania

M. R. Kazaura*

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000248

Short Communication p. 457

In vitro Antifungal Activity of Aegle marmelos, Syzygium cumini and Pongamia pinnata Extracts against Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cicero

Y. D. More, R. M. Gade and A. V. Shitole*

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000249

Short Communication p. 463

Antidiabetic Effect of Garcinol on Streptozotocin-induced Diabetic Rats

K. K. Mali*, R. J. Dias, V. D. Havaldar and S. J. Yadav

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000250

Short Communication p. 468

Ginsenoside from Panax ginseng Meyer Enhances the Cytotoxic and Apoptotic Effect of Cisplatin in A549 Human Lung Cancer Cells

J. K. Park, V. Castro-Aceituno, S. Ahn, S. Y. Simu, M. H. Siddiqi, D. H. Kim, Y. J. Kim and D. C. Yang*

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000251

Short Communication p. 474

Analgesic and Antiinflammatory Activities of Clematis erecta Aerial Parts

R. Chawla*, D. Kumar, A. Godara, A. Arora, K. Rana, S. Kumar, A. Sharma and H. Joshi

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000252

Short Communication p. 477

GC-MS Analysis and HPTLC Fingerprinting Profile of Hydroalcoholic Extract of Polygonum barbatum Linn. Leaves

B. Lakshmi Narayanan*, K. Kannappan, T. Subburaju and C. I. Sajeeth

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000253

Short Communication p. 482

In vitro Antimicrobial and Free Radical Scavenging Activities of the Total Flavonoid in Petal and Stamen of Crocus sativus

K. Chen, X. M. Wang, F. Chen and J. Bai*

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000254

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